Jungle Trekking

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment




My son Andreas and our friend John

On the way to Bird Island

My husband and son at the pyramids

I am just now returning from spring break with my family. It took some trekking to get to the actual jungle trekking part. First, we flew to Miami where we spent the night. Then, we flew to Belize and then, finally, were shuttled through the jungle on dirt roads until finally we arrived at our own little beach paradise. I actually loved that this destination was so remote and lacking technology. While Belize may not be your typical Four Seasons vacation, it is a great adventure. We laid on the beach and ate in beach huts- Barracuda Bar & Grill in Hopkins Bay is an absolute must.  We trekked through the jungle and ate termites with the Mayans and we visited the wonderful Bird Island, home of the red gulled frigate birds. We visited pyramids and spoke to Mayans about 2012 and we soaked up the sun. I hope you all get a chance to visit this wild wonderland while it’s still unspoiled.

The wild jungle


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